We're looking for adventure

We're looking for adventure

The Bay of Islands has room for everything. For some, it's a place for tranquility. For others, there is endless possibility for adventure! Here are a few ideas to keep your adrenalin pumping.

an image The first "must do" for adventure seekers a fast boat ride out to the Hole in the Rock - seatbelts on and hang on to your hats! Or an exhilarating passage through the islands on one of the Bay's sail boats e.g. spend the day onboard the late Sir Peter Blake’s world famous 80ft maxi yacht ‘Lion New Zealand’.


an image If you enjoy exploring the underworld, join the scuba divers and explore one of our two nearby wrecks, the Rainbow Warrior at the Cavalli Islands or the HMNZS Canterbury at Deep Water Cove. If you're on the dive trail, don't forget to dip in to Tutukaka and get a day out at the Poor Knights as well.


an image For those who are into speed, you can take an adventure jet ski tour and race with your mates out to the Cape. Another way to take in a breathtaking over view of the Bay of Islands is, of course, by air - a thrilling ride in a helicopter leaves you grinning all day. Or for a heart-in-your-mouth memorably moment, go for some free falling and skydive the beach. For a tranquil view of the bay join the Flying Kiwi Parasail.

an image If you like a spot of fishing, how about upping the stakes and hunting for shark or marlin instead? That'll keep you on your toes. Or if you like to keep your feet on the ground, the walk to Whangamumu is a more earthy sort of adventure; a good hike to a secluded bay and a feeling of being very far from the madding crowd.