Explore NZ: Maori Living Today

A unique opportunity to journey to Te Rawhiti and immerse yourself in modern Maori life. Experience an authentic Maori community who will share their home, food and stories with you. Learn their customs and gain understanding of Maori living today!

Your Maori Living Today experience includes:
•A morning cruise through the inner islands.
•Time spent a beautiful Otehei bay before your transfer to Te Rawhiti.
•A traditional greeting, with a visit to a marae (meeting house) learning about Maori customs.
•A meal of local produce, which you may help in preparing.
•Activities such as flax weaving, walking, fishing and learning about local flora and fauna.
•An afternoon transfer back to Otehei Bay and on to the mainland.

Contact: Aimee Jones
Address: 120 Halsey Street
Auckland 1010
New Zealand
PO Box: PO Box 106-267
Phone: +64 9 359 5987
Mobile: +64 28 8500 2540
Free Phone: 0800 397 567 (NZ Only)
Fax: +64 9 358 3137
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