Listing Terms

Listing Terms

Terms and Conditions of listing on this site: (site) is owned and operated by Paihia Booking Office Ltd.
In these terms and conditions, we or us means Paihia Booking Office Ltd.
You means your company and products represented by your company.
By listing on this site you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
We may revise these terms and conditions from time to time. The revised terms will take effect when they are posted on the website

Display of Information
Once we receive your request and your product listing is loaded in Tourism Data, we will endeavour to display your information as soon as possible. If you would like us to load your products, we can do so at a charge out rate of $25+gst p/h (estimate time 2-3hrs per product listing).

We reserve the right to remove your product information at any time. You will receive a refund of any outstanding balance of advertising payments pro-rata against actual number of days your information was displayed.

We reserve the right to change the amount of information and format of each listing at any level at any time and without prior notice.


Payment must be within 14 days of the date of the invoice. Failure to pay in full will result in your listing being removed from the site. Please note outstanding bills (including those for commission and brochure display) of more than 60 days with the Paihia Booking Office will result in your listing being temporarily removed until payment is received.


Product information remains the property of the product owner, however by displaying this information on a public website you are authorising the downloading and use of this information for individual use of the site visitor.

You acknowledge that there are no copyright breaches occurring as a result of displaying your information, or part thereof, on this site and you will be liable for any actions taken against us as a result of any breach of copyright for information or images you have supplied.

We will contact you from time to time to request your information be updated and to provide information on other services available from us.

We may distribute the data you supplied to us via TourismData to other websites that have your permission to publish that information.

We may distribute your product information to other digital devices that exist or are yet to be invented in order to maximise the distribution of your information to the travelling public.

Email Contact
You consent to receive email updates from us regarding your listing, enquiries from our site and information about or other products and services we may offer.

We accept no responsibility for information you have provided or for any breach of copyright or statutory regulations related to the presentation of your information.

We expect you to meet all your legal obligations in terms of information accuracy under New Zealand Law. Failure to comply, or any breach of these conditions will result in the immediate withdrawal of your listing without refund.

We make every effort to ensure information is accurate, however, we accept no responsibility for any actions taken by you or your customers as a result of information supplied on this site. We advise anyone making booking or itinerary decisions to contact the products and services concerned directly to confirm details are up to date and accurate.

Delivery of Information
We endeavour to deliver the website continuously and include your information in that delivery process. However the internet is inherently unstable and subject to occasional downtime where information cannot be delivered. Our internal systems may also require occasional downtime to allow for maintenance of the information and systems.

This downtime is deemed to be part of the normal course of business and shall not constitute non delivery of service.

We Use TourismData
We use the TourismData delivery system which is New Zealand's most comprehensive centralised database for tourism products and services. This allows you to have control of your information and make changes as often as you require and whenever you want.
The centralised nature of the database means changes to your core information will be reflected on all websites using this service.

TourismData is owned and operated by Tourism Innovations Ltd.

Bookings generated through this website will be subject to commission rates, dependent on booking service provider. Lower commission rates applicable to those operators using a booking service provider that links to Tourism Data (BookIt).