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Cape Reinga

In Maori tradition, Cape Reinga is regarded as the departure place for the spirits of the recently deceased; they climb down the twisted pohutukawa tree on the cliff to reach the ocean and swim north to the ancestral land of Hawaiki.

The spirit trail to Cape Reinga travels along the West Coast on Ninety Mile Beach from Ahipara to the Cape. The historic Cape Reinga lighthouse marks the extreme north-western point of New Zealand and it’s light (one of the country’s most powerful) is visible for up to 50 kilometers. Out to sea lies the Columbia Bank maelstrom where the Tasman and the Pacific meet - sometimes producing waves more than 10 metres high. The Cape rises steeply to 290m above sea level and is commonly thought to be the most northern point of New Zealand. However North Cape actually takes this title but is closed to the public as it is a scientific reserve. So Cape Reinga is definitely the end of the road!

The Aupouori Peninsula takes you from Awanui up to the top of the north, with great fishing from the east and west coastlines. To the east lies the famous 90 Mile Beach, while further to the north you can explore the beautiful Parengarenga Harbour.

There are a number of tours available to take you up to the Cape and for a drive along 90 Mile Beach. These options leave from Paihia or Kaitaia daily traveling one way along 90 mile beach often including the popular sandboarding activity on the way. For those short on time scenic flight departing from the Bay of Islands are a stunning way to experience Cape Reinga. Depending on your preference you can include a 4 wheel tour at the Cape or book yourself a private charter to see this historic and spiritual place your way.