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Food and Wine

As well as being rich in history, this subtropical region of Northland is well known for its quality fresh produce and its delectable wine.

Enjoying the taste of a region is such an important part of any holiday, evoking the senses that linger in your memory once you are home. There is a feast of artisan producers and boutique vineyards in the Bay of Islands, complemented by many award-winning cafes and restaurants. Explore the Bay of Islands Wineries on your own and spend evenings trying the variety of local restaurants. If you want a local guide enjoy a tour of the artisan producers and vineyards.


Bay of Islands the birthplace of the New Zealand wine industry

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Great quality seafood, and locally produced wines offer a taste of what the Bay of Islands is all about.

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Food and Wine Tours

Explore the Bay of Islands with the help of experienced guides

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